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Sep 4,2011 (Sun)
Mannar Mahathama Boat race
Mannar Mahathama Boat race Mannar, situated nearly 8 km north of Mavelikara, is a major town in southern Alappuzha District. It is a well-known Khadi Industries center and is also famous for copper and brass utensils. Mannar is host to the Mahatma Boat Race held during August-September. The town has several important temples, churches and mosques. The Thirukkurathi Shiva
Temple and the Bhagavathy Temple at Kuttamperur are famous for their ancient wood carvings and sculptures. The Mannar temples dedicated to Sun and Saraswati are one of their kind in Kerala. The famous Parumala Church, where the mortal remains of Mar Gregorios is preserved, is near Mannar. The Iramathu Jamayath mosque in Mannar is supposed to be about 600 years old.
Boat race at : 2.30pm
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