houseboats in alleppey
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Guest Book on 30-12-2010
thalarathe munneruka ,porattam avasanikkunnilla orupadu snehathodeyum, aavesathodeyum, pratheekshakalodeyum njangal koodeyund........
kurian on 2011-08-08
Ante karichal chundanu nehru trophy vijayasamsakal. on 2011-07-23
ethu kolakomban vannalum nammude aavesathe kuthitholpikkanavilla, ini chunayundenkil vaada muttan .............
be proud of our karichal & best wishes for coming nehru trophy........
joseph kurian on 2011-07-23
I am big fan of karichal chundan. best of luck for karich for allthe coming boatraces in 2011.
NIJO on 2011-07-21
All the best to karichal chundan and jiji jacob...... nehru trophy is for u.......
PHILIPMATHEW,karichal on 2011-07-20
joe mathewkarichal on 2011-07-15
I wish all the very best for karichal chundan,freedom boat club and our captain jiji jacob.
Vipin kayamkulam on 2011-07-13
ente jeevithathil njan adyamayi kanda oru chundan vallam karichal aanu...kunju naalil haripad ulla oru bandhuvinte veetil njan poyappol,yadrishchikamayi karayil kayatti vecha oru chundan vallam kandu...aa vallathekkurich pinneed arinjathellam valiya valiya karyangalayirunnu..pinneed 2010 il kayamkulath karichal vannappol enik orupad santhosham thonni..but 3rd place kond thripthyppedendi vannu enik...but nw on 2011...i hope...kayamkulathe trophy karichal kond pokum..kondu pokanam,
sarath on 2011-07-06
all the best 4 moolam boat race 2011
radhakrishnan. S on 2011-06-17
This chunden would never have been made but for the devoted and determined efforts of a single person who united the entire village behind him. He is Kavarattu Kunjukunju. My request is that you should give due credit to him in the web site, lest we may be doing a great injustice not only to him but to history as well.
shankar on 2011-05-19
Veendum Oru Vallam kaliyude kalam koode varavaye " very very wishes for karichal chundan upcoming all boat race especially NEHRU TROPHY......"
suresh on 2011-03-11
all the best to this site
anoop on 2011-02-25
karichal chundan is super
Prasanna kumar AN on 2011-01-02
I wish all the best this site and Karichal chundan.
kochumon thypparampil on 2010-12-30
Prasanna kumar AN on 2010-12-19
I congratulate you.You've done a fine job,vinod
jeevan on 2010-12-08
very dissapointed in karichals defeat in 2010 nehrutrophy boatrace though it have won many other boat races including kottayam where it beat jawahar.all the best karichal for the forth comming boatraces
shankar on 2010-11-09
I wish all the best 4 kARICHAL the king of boat race.
Harish on 2010-10-03
Karichal chudan is the best chundan vallam compair to any other chundan vallam, since so many years. In elephants we say "Lakshnamotha aana" Chundan vallam "lakshnamotha Chundan" this may be the construction of it..more accurate.. In diffrent vallam kali including Nehru trophy any boatclub..Karichal won hattrick.
sajisandra on 2010-09-28
Hi........Kalladayil Karichal koduthello pani. Kollathu vilichum,Kottayathu Chennum, pani engine venam kodukkan.........Koduthal,Kollathum kittum.......up...up.Karichal.
Gopakumar on 2010-08-09
Superb Trial!!! I think this time Karichal will create new record in time, and also lift 15th Nehru trophy. Wish Karichal chundan all the success.
Soji Thomas on 2010-08-09
Wishing all the best for KARICHAL to winning Nehru Trophi Boat Race 2010 , nice web site.. cheers to vinod...
suresh on 2010-08-07
karichal chundanu ella vidha vijayasamsakalum
Praveen.Kumar on 2010-07-30
I wish all the best 4 kARICHAL the king of boat race.
saji joseph on 2010-07-21
harippadinte swantham Karichalchundanu nehru trophy nedan yella ashamsakalum nerunnu.
Tittu on 2010-07-15
Best wishes
manu nair on 2010-07-15
2010 nehru trophiyil karichal chundanu vijayasamsakal
Anilvarikolil on 2010-07-14
"Haripadinte Hridayamakum karichale nin chudanu nerunnu Orayiram ashamsakal........ Very good vinodji.................... all the best of ur site & karichal chundan......... " Amme Narayana"
samson lazar on 2010-07-12
aarppo iyyo'''''''',up up karichal.// Good opening this year,All the Best Wishes'''''''............
Santhosh Alphonse on 2010-06-26
May god help the jalachakravarthy to lift 2010 champakulam moolam trophy. ALL THE BEST WISHES...
Vishnu on 2010-06-22
Up up Karichalchundan.
Helleojagasip on 2010-06-16
Hi VEry nice posts i'sure i'sts nice
george.k.c on 2010-06-15
Manuvijaya on 2010-06-11
Super...........Adipoli, "I Love you Karichal Chundan "
SajiSandra on 2010-06-11
subin j varghese on 2010-05-30
i love my karichal chundan...........
Mobin on 2010-04-17
The Prince of Back waters "KARICHAL"
sephy george on 2010-04-11
KARICHAL CHUNDAN the legend on water. master piece by the great SHILPY . kozhimukku narayanan achary & his son.
koshy chacko on 2009-11-05
NIDHEESH on 2009-11-05
Pradeep on 2009-11-03
biju on 2009-10-23
I wish all success in future boat races. i love our chundan.
Shyju Chacko on 2009-09-29
All the best for Kallada Boat race
manu kumarakom on 2009-09-29
i am a big fan of vallamkali and karichal chundan. whenever we discus about the vallamkal, karichal is always a subject for us.<br /> its simply great. all the best
aju on 2009-09-25
m t cherian on 2009-09-18
Best wishes to karichal from
jumythomas on 2009-09-18
Nikesh on 2009-09-17
Best Wishes for kallada Boat Race -2009 for Karichal
Nevin on 2009-09-16
aju on 2009-09-14
Best Wishes 4 karichal chundan
FINO MATHEW PATRIC on 2009-09-09
Binu on 2009-09-06
Best Wishes for Karichal !...
EBY on 2009-09-05
satya on 2009-09-04
Unique experience to go through the site. Site should be more informative about the history. Its should be a good idea to give info to reach this place for a Guest to visit this place and the chundan.
Dr. C.V. Sreeranjit kumar on 2009-09-02
the concept of creating a home page for a snake boat is found to be very interesting and the tite page with a song is funtastic. keep it always updated. wish you all the best
Santhosh Alphonse on 2009-09-01
Wishing all of you a "HAPPY & PROSPEROUS ONAM"
Rejeesh on 2009-09-01
Best wishes for the forthcoming races and may god bless all the personnel who had devoted to make this dream come true.
Santhosh Alphonse on 2009-08-29
Hearty congratulations to all behind this site. i love my kaichal chundan, good luck for the coming races. Up Up Karichal
George Varghese on 2009-08-27
My hearty congragulations to u all to bringing the real feel of our boatrace through internet. Keep it up . All the best
Anil on 2009-08-24
Your venture is appreciable.and it looks like very gud.but the site is being left aligned in the wide screen please check it and do the appropriate
Biju Soman on 2009-08-24
Hearty congratulations to all behind this site. Keep up the good work, wish you all the very best.
mathew jacob on 2009-08-20
first f all i wanna congradulate all those who r behind d construction f this website.i request u 2 put some snaps in this website.n iam soo mad n crazy about boat race.keep updating more snapz nd of luck.
soji jacob on 2009-08-20
My apprecitions to entire team Wish u all the best
Raveesh C S on 2009-08-20
Great way to express passion and love to their own Karichal Chundan "Pride of Kuttanadu" by Vinod Kumar C V and his Villagers. I am sure that the administrator will regularly update the website.
Saji Pattamukkil on 2009-08-20
I would like to say thanks for the people those who are behind this. This is a good information for the people those like boat rase. Please keep updating. Wish you all the best.
manu kainakary on 2009-08-20
please put the more videos (specially 2001 nehru trophy final 2001)
Gopakumar on 2009-08-07
Website is nice looking and informative. I am appreciating the entire website team for taking the initiative to build this site. It's Commendable effort. I am sure this site will be an inspiration for other teams. Wishing the site all the success in the future.
Reghunath.R on 2009-07-29
Nice site. Superb wish you all the best
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