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History of Karichal Chundan
The history of Karichal Chundan was related with the Origin of Haripad Subrahmanya Swamy Temple. According to the history , people of Karichal owned a snake boat more than 120 years ago. This new boat was launched in 1970. 53.25 koal long and 51 angulam by breadth. It was constrcucted by a team lead by Kozhimukku Narayanan Achari and won Nehru Trophy in 1973 (mutual winner with Kallupparampan) , 1973,74, 75, 76, 80, 82, 83, 84,86, 87, 2000, 2001, 2003 , 2008 and in 2016 ( 15 times).
The Legend
The construction of Haripad Temple was took place by the leadership of some elite Brahmin illams like Pullamvazhi, Changarappalli, Thazoor and Kizhikulam. After the construction, the temple was not opened for the public because of the lack of a fine idol. At that baffling situation some of the Brahmanas had a dream about an idol, which was situated in the Govinda Muttom backwaters at kayamkulam
The Brahmanas and other Civilians started to search the idol according to the vision of the Brahmanas. They went to Govinda Muttom by water. After getting the idol, they came back to the temple from Thrikkunnapuzha through Thottappally lake and finally reached the Kopparakadvu. From there they reached Nelppurakkadavu through Payippad( Achancovil River) and Koduvakkal respectively. Then they started a ceremonial trip with the idol to the Haripad temple. According to the legend, before reaching the temple they stayed on a place for half-an-hour (Aranazhika), where later formed a temple known as Aranazhika Temple..
From thereafter the people started celebrating to commemorate this incident through conducting boat race. On every September particularly the Onam day they took a ceremonial voyage from Koppara to Koduvakkal. At the day of Avittom the people celebrate some water sports for children and the next day (Chathayam) they conduct the boat race.
The history also tells about the presence of a Snake Boat named “Dharmarajan” at Karichal from this period. That boat was ruined by time. But the people of Karichal then participated in the boat races by taking boats for rent. Javahar Thayankari was the last bost taken for rent. The boat race in 1969 paved the path to build a new snakeboat for karichal. The key idea of own a boat for Karichal was first suggested by Ghevarghese Kochukavarattu. He Shared his thoughts with C.V. Ramakrishna Pillai of Chengalathu and R. Govindan Nair of Govindamangalathu. After some serious discussions they reached some fair decisions.
In 1969 Nov 10th a session was conducted at the Karichal St: Mary’s U.P.S. That particular session was presided by Harsha Varma from Chembrol Palace, and around 163 people were participated. At that session C.V. Ramakrishnapillai put forward the proposal of building the snakeboat and it was accepted unanimously with pleasure. That session formed a committee for building the snakeboat
After that session a series of meetings was conducted and finally in 1969 Nov 23rd “the Karichal Snakeboat Club” was formed and it contain 57 members. The committe gave the responsibility for constructing the karichal Chundan to famous carpenter “Kovilmukku Narayanan Achari”.
Finally in 1970 the Karichal Chundan was become a reality. On the auspicious day of September 08th 1970 (1146 Chingam 23rd ) between 8AM and 9.15AM the Karichal Chundan took its first leap in water. Since then it has become famous for its speed and agility, thus it fulfills the words of Narayanan Achari as the “Jalachakravarthy”. It is still maintaining its majestic nick name and fame .
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